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Available Alternative Energy Sources

The increased awareness regarding the adverse effects of carbon emissions and global warming has increased the popularity of alternative energy sources. These new energy sources provide cleaner, renewable and cheap electricity sources that can supply the energy needs of households, business establishments and industries.
Now more and more states like Texas, where energy deregulation is in full bloom, have provided their populace with the power to select providers for electricity in Houston, Dallas and other areas in Texas. Part of this includes not only the option to select the Texas electric company that will provide electricity, but they can also choose among companies that have partnered with producers using alternative energy sources.


Why is There a Need for Alternative Energy Resources


More and more electric companies are slowly introducing alternative energy sources as part of their main electricity production process. Still, many people do not understand the implication of such moves in their lives, even though they have been hearing “energy crises” issues clamored across the country and even across the globe.
Although people over the years are partly to be blamed, there is no need for finger pointing now. The key thing here is that people realize the need to use alternative energy sources — before it is too late. The world has been overly dependent on fossil fuels in generating the power they need and use in their everyday lives. However, this dependency only resulted to global warming, increase in pollution levels and the imminent dangers of climate change.
Now people has the option to take the next step and create a change — a change that will affect the way they live now, and the future that is in store for their children, and their children’s children. People now have the option for micro generation of renewable energy right in their own homes, or switch to utility companies that use alternative energy sources.


What are Alternative Energy Sources that Are Available to the Public Now


The following describes these types of energy sources available to the public now:


* The Power of the Sun — Solar energy is probably the most readily available renewable source that can now generate energy to power homes and businesses. New technologies in solar power cell manufacturing as well as new technologies for storage cells have made these options more viable.


* The Power of the Earth — Geothermal energy or heat coming from the center of the earth can produce steam, which in turn can be used to power electric generators and produce electricity for mass use.


* The Power of the Wind — Wind farms, with giant wind turbines can harness the power of the wind and use it to produce electricity sufficient enough to power whole cities.


* The Power of Water — The natural strength of water can be used to turn gigantic turbines and produce electricity, without the pollution that power plants relying on fossil fuels can generate. Hydroelectric energy is safe, clean and abundant.


More and more technologies are being developed to further improve these alternative energy sources to make them more viable, economical and practical. Sooner or later, these alternative energy sources would become mainstream; creating energy that is safe, clean and without harming the environment.


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Implications of Electricity Deregulation in the United States

In monopolies, companies who are in control are in the position to raise the prices of their products and services even without additional value given to the consumers. This is true with any industry, even for electric generation and distribution. Consumers have no option but to accept what is given them at the rates dictated to them since they are left with no other alternative to choose from.
With electricity deregulation, the rules have drastically changed and consumers in Texas now have the power to select their electricity providers. Implementation is dependent on the state, as states like Texas have fully embraced the rules set by deregulation, while others have derailed implementation pending further study and planning.


What is Electricity Deregulation?

The basic concept of electricity deregulation is to empower consumers to choose who or what company shall provide their electrical power. Like in the state of Texas, most residents can choose their electricity provider, and plan depending on their individual needs.
Switching from one company to another who will provide electricity to residents will not result in a disruption of services for a house or business establishment as the same electrical wire and poles will be used — only the company selling the electricity will change. The difference would lie in the price or power rates that a particular electric company shall offer, as well as the quality of service and responsiveness that they provide their customers.


What are Potential Issues with Electricity Deregulation?

Energy deregulation is implemented on a state-by-state basis however not all states, as well as consumers, have totally embraced this implementation. For one thing, many states find the redesigning of their electricity market too complicated for implementation to occur immediately. Other consumers on the other hand are still in a wait-and-see mode and have not yet made the move to switch to another Electricity provider.

This could be due in fact to past experiences by other states like California, whose initial implementation of electricity deregulation was plagued with blackouts, electrical supply emergencies, and major utility companies diving into financial trouble due to sudden price spikes.


What Benefits will Consumers get with Electricity Deregulation?

Despite these past issues, several states like Texas and their consumers have benefitted significantly from the implementation of electricity deregulation. Private consumers, commercial establishments and businesses have benefitted from this in more ways than one as outlined by the list below:

* Electrical deregulation allowed the entry of alternative energy providers that provides clean and renewable electricity, making it safer and better for the environment

* The playing field for industry players and providers are leveled out, with existing and upcoming service providers have an equal chance of providing service to consumers

* Consumers have the option to choose providers that offer the most cost effective power rates package to their clients. This same benefit can also be enjoyed by commercial and other business entities.

* Regional differences in power rates between states can be leveled out and standardized

* The entry of more service providers creates more jobs for the people of the local communities

* Service quality and reliability is greatly improved due to the increase competitiveness between providers.

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Electricity Deregulation and You

Some of the most important and vital issues that consumers around the world are faced with are issues related to electrical power. Electricity is an integral part of modern society and is a crucial element for the proper function of day-to-day operations whether it is for industrial, commercial, home or personal use. Without electricity, normal operations would be disrupted and society would cease to advance and thrown into a grinding halt.
However, consumers do not have the luxury of receiving cheap electricity from providers in their state as the cost of fossil fuels used to power these electrical plants continue to soar in parallel with the worldwide demand for more energy. This is why there were mixed reactions when the concept of energy deregulation was introduced, with some states like Texas embracing the initiative while others do not. Fears of stellar prices loomed in the horizon as price caps for electrical services are removed while demand continues to increase. In Texas, energy deregulation means the right to choose providers for electricity. Residents can choose which electric companies would provide power to their homes or businesses.


What is Electricity Deregulation?
The concept of energy deregulation was not seen as a possible or viable concept a few decades ago as electrical power distribution for each State was monopolized by suppliers. Residents had no choice but to use the power given to them by the State providers at the prices and circumstances dictated by these companies.
Energy deregulation on the other hand allows residents to choose which power provider they will get their electricity from, such as in the case of Texas where people have the option to select the electricity provider. Choices can depend on energy source, price, rewards, term, etc.
Implementation of energy deregulation and the manner of which it will be rolled out depends on the state, and the legislations each make to put this into effect. While some states readily embraced the idea and have given their residents the power to select their electricity providers, other states have not realized the benefits and have denied their constituents the right to choose.


What are the Benefits of Electricity Deregulation?
The people of Texas have enjoyed the option to choose their electricity providers. Texans now have access to resources and information they need to select electricity companies based on energy costs, energy source, etc. Immediate benefits would be in terms of reduced cost to the consumer as they can select companies based on power rates.
Other benefits that consumers get in their options to choose would be better services from their Texas electric companies due to increased competition and the eradication of monopolies in the power industry. The removal of monopolies also allowed alternative or renewable energy providers to enter the market, providing consumers the option to select green energy for the protection of the environment for their own benefits and for the benefit of generations to come. Lets not forget to mention the thousands of jobs created by electricity deregulation in Texas.


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