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Energy saving tips for your microwave and oven

Many Texas electricity consumers often use a lot of heat to cook their dishes in ovens and microwaves when just a dash of heat would have been adequate. If you want to control your electricity usage, you can use some simple steps as mentioned below that won’t let you compromise on the taste of your dishes but can bring home huge savings on electric bills.


  • Use less time for cooking: You can save on your energy usage by keeping your cooking time down. Simple steps like defrosting food kept in the refrigerator before cooking, using a minimum pre-heat time, not using heat-blocking foil on the racks, not peeking in every now and then etc can help you to control your electricity usage. Cooking multiple portions, if possible, is yet another good idea rather than cooking small amounts. This way, you will simply need to re-heat the food and not cook it all over again.


  • Use energy efficient devices: As compared to a conventional oven, 20% less electricity is used by a convection oven. Again, using a toaster oven can bring down your energy usage by about 50%, while a microwave lets you save almost 66% on your energy usage. So, using your microwave whenever you can instead of the traditional oven can help you bring down your electricity bills. Whether you need to cook dishes, heat the leftovers, or defrost a frozen item, try using your microwave.



  • Use your oven to the optimum: To ensure that all the heat and space in your oven is put to use, it’s advisable to cook as much as possible in one go. Other steps like boiling potatoes before roasting, using ceramic or glass utensils that need lower temperature for cooking, cutting food into smaller pieces, inserting stainless steel skewers into joints of meat and baked potatoes to speed up the cooking process etc can also help you in energy efficient cooking. Turning your electric oven off ten minutes prior to the end of the cooking time is yet another step that can help you to save on your electricity bills.


  • Proper food arrangement in microwave: Avoid piling up food inside the microwave as it won’t allow proper cooking and even consume more electricity. If you need to cook multiple pieces at once, you can arrange the pieces in a circle where thicker pieces are placed toward the edge and thin pieces toward the center of the dish.



  • Use the minimum cooking time in microwave: Most dishes have an ideal time range to get cooked. It’s advisable to use the minimum cooking time to cook food and check if it’s done. You can always continue cooking for undercooked food. But if you overcook the food, you can’t do anything to salvage the dish.


There are many other microwave shortcuts and oven tips that can helpTexas electricityconsumers save on their utility bills. So, use the steps mentioned above and read more on such other tips that can help you control your electricity usage.


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Energy saving tips for your freezer and refrigerator

Did you know that in your household, your freezer and refrigerator are two of the biggest energy consumers? If not, it’s time to look closer and adhere to energy efficient practices to bring down your energy consumption, thus decreasing your utility bills. Though the present day models of freezers and refrigerators are very energy efficient, the same can’t be told about their older counterparts. Still, if you possess an ENERGY STAR approved model of a refrigerator from the 1980s, you could end up saving as much as $100 each year on your electricity bills. Similarly, a fridge from the 1970s with ENERGY STAR approval can help you save more than $200 a year. So, for all those Texas electricity consumers looking to bring down their utility bills, here are some tips for your freezers and refrigerators:


  • Clean the coils: There should be regular cleaning and maintenance of the refrigerator/freezer coils. Keeping them dust free is absolutely necessary for energy efficient usage. In case you have pets in home, dander may get deposited on the coils, which may require you to clean them more frequently.
  • Using a scientific approach to store in the freezer/refrigerator: The deviceworks on the basic principle of having to cool the space inside. Hence, more the space, more air the device has to cool and thus, more energy is consumed. Therefore, storing the freezer/refrigerator adequately, so that there is less of ‘free air’ for the device to waste its energy on can help you limit your energy usage. Experts advise that in case you don’t have enough material to stock inside your freezer/ refrigerator, you can fill up bowls of water and place inside. Water pouches can also be used for the same purpose.
  •  Defrost freezer on time: Unless you own a frost-free unit, you should defrost your freezerthe moment you spot the development of frost beyond half an inch, as it can increase power consumption of the freezer.
  • Check the door seals of your freezer: To limit power consumption, your freezer door should be air tight. You can check this by closing the door of your freezer on a dollar bill. In case you are able to pull out the bill easily, you might need a new latch or seal.
  • Adhere to the right temperature settings: Setting your freezer or refrigerator at the right temperature is the ideal way to minimize wastage of electricity. Hence, don’t set the temperature too high or too low. Ideally, your refrigerator’s fresh food section should have its temperature at 37° to 40° while the freezer section can be set at 5°.
  • Position of the freezer/ refrigerator: Location of the freezer orrefrigerator decides the pattern of its future power consumption. It should be made sure that the location where the device has been put up has a good circulation of air. No hindrance in air flow should be allowed, in case they are situated in some closed space, for example, in between two cupboards.  Freezers or refrigerators should not be kept close to other electrical appliances like ovens, microwaves, stoves, or even close to windows. Heat emanated from such cooking appliances like stoves can increase their power consumption. It is ideal to select the coolest spot for these devices.     


By following these tips, energy efficiency of the refrigerator or freezer can be increased manifolds. It is indeed righteous to become aware and enlightened to adhere to such tips as they can help you curb wastage of electricity, thus letting you conserve energy.

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