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Choosing between Texas Electricity Companies for a Lower Energy Rate

Households and businesses all over the state have elected to exercise the power to choose between Texas electricity companies for lower rates. Many of these providers offer extensive electricity plans that best fits each household and business energy needs. Through a wide array of flexible and innovative plans, many consumers are able to lower their monthly utility bills by purchasing electricity at highly competitive prices.

Before making the switch, and selecting between the various Texas electricity companies, it is important to consider a few factors. Some of these factors might include the need to sign a contract or agreement to purchase power for a specific length of time. Additionally, the consumer needs to understand if there is a cancellation fee by breaking a contract or agreement. It is also important to know if there is a deposit that will need to be paid before the switch can be performed.


Nearly ¾ of all residences and businesses across the state now have the power to choose between Texas electricity companies to find the best pricing. Because of the energy deregulation in 2002, all businesses and households have the ability to comparison shop between Texas electricity companies. This way they can find the best provider that offers the greatest deals and electricity services.


A Fixed Rate Plan


Electing to have a fixed rate plan, over a variable one, will set the rate or the price paid for each kilowatt hour consumed. As a result, the consumer’s energy rate does not change over the life of the agreement or contract. This is the easiest way to protect against any rise in the cost of energy, while the contract is in force.


A Variable Rate Plan


Households and businesses can take advantage of a variable rate plan, where the price of electricity has the ability to drop significantly lower during certain months of the year. However, the opposite is also true. Prices can rise during the months that experience the highest change in temperature.


Now that there are numerous Texas electricity companies available to purchase energy at reduced prices, every consumer can save money on their monthly utility bills.


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Switching Texas Electricity Providers to Obtain a Lower Price

For well over a decade, residential energy consumers have been taking advantage of the Texas deregulation laws concerning the electricity industry, in the state. It was back in 2002, when the Texas legislature broke up the utility monopoly in an effort to create a competitive energy market. As a result, many alternative Texas electricity providers began selling energy to businesses and residential homes.


The local utility company in every community across Texas still has the responsibility to maintain their portion of the electric grid. They are responsible for delivering energy to every home and business, and handle specific services including electricity emergencies, power outages, and other important consumer services.


Better Customer Service


By eliminating the only game in town, the competitive market has created better customer service. Many Texas electricity providers are all competing for the same energy dollar, in an effort to acquire as many customers as possible. The only way to do this is to offer their services at a competitive price, which is often much lower than the local utility company that is still used by many businesses and homes throughout Texas.


No Temporary Interruption


Many energy consumers believe that there will be an interruption in their service, when Texas electricity providers install their own infrastructure, and electric meter. However, this is simply not true. Because the local utility company is in charge of safe delivery of electrical power to the home or business, there is no change of the electric meter, or installation of a new infrastructure.


Cheaper Rates


While it is true that the alternate Texas electricity providers will often charge their customers fees, most are upfront about these charges. These additional charges might include taxes and maintenance fees, along with the still regulated charge for distribution, which is handled by the local utility company.


In essence, it makes perfect sense to switch Texas electricity providers to obtain a lower rate. Residential homes and businesses can save up to 20% and more on their monthly utility charges by making the switch. The process is easy, with no interruption in service, or change of the electric meter.


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