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Lower Houston Electricity Rates Are Now Available through Deregulation

Because of deregulation in Texas, there is no need to pay more when buying electricity. Because the state of Texas allows every energy consumer to select their own electricity provider, switching between suppliers could save lots of money every month.


Since 2002, Texas has deregulated the energy market for both residents and business owners across the state. They have allowed heavy competition, where different suppliers are offering their product at reduced rates, especially when compared to the local utility company.


There are numerous pricing options available, which can save the consumer much money, based on their specific energy requirements. Before switching to a new provider, it is important to do a comparative analysis to determine exactly which provider will offer the best savings.


Switching Is Easy


Making the switch is easy, and requires nothing more than signing up. The new supplier of electricity will use the existing meter attached to the business or home, and have the local utility company deliver the power directly to the structure. It is only the generating of energy, and transmitting it to the distribution center that is available at competitive prices.


If there is any outage of power, or an emergency electric situation, it is the local utility company that is still responsible for the continuous power and safety of the system. Part of the bill will include the “distribution” portion of the delivery system, where the local utility company is paid for their services. This portion of the process is still regulated by the state of Texas.


Because regulated pricing is no longer necessary within the state of Texas, the highly competitive electric providers have the ability to negotiate prices with consumers. By shopping around, anyone that needs electrical energy can find lower rates, per kilowatt hour.


Switching to a new supplier is quick. Once signing up, the consumer will begin saving right away, by purchasing electricity at a lower rate. Most companies offer the ability to select from a variety of plans, based on fixed rates and variable rates. There has never been a better time to switch to a new provider that offers lower Houston electricity prices.


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