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Is Your Electric Bill too High?

You have to consider a number of different factors to determine if your electric bill is too high. Unfortunately, people in many states don’t get a choice no matter what their bill is. They just have to pay it or their lights will go out. You have been given the power to make a choice because of Texas energy deregulation. That means, when you look at that monthly statement, you can ask yourself, is my electric bill too high? If the answer is yes, you can actually do something about it.


“To figure out why your electric bill is so high, the first thing you need to do is to figure out what’s normal.” (Bluejay) Just what is normal in the state of Texas? According to several studies, the average household will pay a little more than $160 a month. Now, compare your own statement to that average. Is it much higher? Is your electric bill too high? If so, then the first thing you need to do is decide if you are using the right electric service provider.


Since you have a choice in electric companies, it never hurts to do a little comparison anyway. You may be able to save money and you could even choose a service provider that offers green energy for an added advantage.


Some people in Texas didn’t even know they had a choice, but that’s what deregulation did. It made things so that you actually get a choice in energy. You don’t have to settle for whatever company is dictated to you. If your electric bill is too high, then this is a very good reason to make a change.


You can look at electric companies in a few different ways. Start by comparing rates. That will be important. However, when you do this, be careful. Some companies charge variable rates while others are fixed. You obviously cannot compare the two. You also need to be careful and watch for rate changes after a time period, fees, and other expenses that could affect the bottom line.


Is your electric bill too high? You wouldn’t be the only person in this country with that complaint. However, because you live in Texas, it’s actually something you can change. All you have to do is start comparing different companies and determine if there is a way to save money by making a change. It’s just that easy.


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How Much Electricity Do You Lose?

When you think about your home’s electricity, it’s generally a question of how much you use and how much you pay for. However, you might really need to think about how much electricity you lose, rather than how much you use. Where is that energy being lost? What should you know about it? Actually, energy loss is one of the most important reasons to consider changing energy companies for Texas residents. Here’s what you need to know.


Energy Loss and Miscalculation

Take a look on the side of your home, or on the power pole where your home’s main breaker box is located. What do you see? It’s a power meter. It’s the gauge by which the electric company measures how much electricity your home has used over the past month and sets your bill. And it’s wrong. Old style analog gauges are often highly inaccurate and cost you a significant amount of money over the course of the year. Not only are these gauges wrong, but the meter itself is a source of energy loss – you’re paying for more electricity than you actually receive. So, what’s the answer?


Smart Meters

The answer to the energy loss and miscalculation situation is to use a smart meter. When calculating how much energy your home uses and how much you should be billed, smart meters are significantly more accurate and have much lower rates of power loss. That means you end up paying less per month just for switching to an electric company that provides you with a smart meter.


Smart Grids

Energy woes are not limited to your electric meter alone, though. There’s also a problem with old-style power grids (the network that brings the electricity to your home). While there’s no accurate figure on how much electricity is lost through old grids, it’s a significant amount. Power companies that utilize a smart grid system reduce the amount of lost power and can offer lower rates overall as a result of that.


Making Your Choice

The first step in saving on your power bill is to choose a new power company. There are lots of different providers to choose from these days, and it pays to take your time so you can make an informed choice. Don’t rush into this – take your time, compare providers, compare how much electricity is per kilowatt-hour, and ensure that the company you ultimately work with is reputable.

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A Look at the Various Plans Offered by Energy Utility Companies in Texas

While the deregulation of the energy industry in Texas gives consumers more options than ever before, some of the choices can be a bit confusing. For instance, energy utility companies are offering a range of different electricity rate plans to fit various needs. Understanding those plans is important to ensure that you’re able to make an informed decision on your electricity needs. They’re not necessarily easy to understand, though. The guide below will help.


Prepaid Plans – Are They Right for You?

One of the options available to you through energy utility companies is the prepaid plan. This is very different from what most consumers are used to with consumption based plans. Essentially, a prepaid plan involves you paying the energy company a specific amount of money per month. This is also called a pay as you go plan. It’s very similar to the way that prepaid cell phone plans work, in that once your credits are used up, you don’t have electricity until you send in another payment. However, it does offer the means to customize your electricity use to an amazing degree.


Fixed Rate Plans – What You Should Know

You’ll also find that some energy utility companies are offering fixed rate plans. This can be a good option for some consumers and business owners, although it’s a bit more complex than what it seems. Basically, it locks you into a specific amount of money per kilowatt-hour used. That can protect you when electricity rates go up, because the amount you pay will not change. However, if rates were to go down, you’d be left paying more than others because you were locked into your rates. If that doesn’t sound appealing, you can consider a hybrid rate plan. These combine elements of fixed rate plans with elements of standard billing. Basically, you pay a specific amount for a number of units (usually time), and then anything used beyond that is billed at a variable rate (higher or lower depending on market prices).


Variable Rates Plans – Do They Work?

The hybrid rate plan from energy utility companies mentioned above combines a fixed rate plan with a variable rate plan. However, you can opt for a straight variable rate plan if you wish. In this instance, your rates will go up and down with market prices. This can be good if rates are dropping, but if they shoot up, you can end up paying a great deal for your energy.

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