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Shopping for the Cheapest Electricity Provider

If your monthly utility costs seem to be too high, don’t worry. In Texas, consumers have a wide variety of electric companies to pick from. By doing some easy comparisons, you’ll be able to find the cheapest electricity provider in your area. Because there are many prices, packages and features to pick from, choosing the cheapest electricity provider can be confusing. It’s essential that you compare apples to apples or you could end up paying more than you anticipated.


Before you begin comparison shopping for the cheapest electricity provider you’ll need to verify what you currently pay. When you review your bill, look at not only the rate price but also any added fees that could be tacked onto the bill. This will give you an idea of how much you’re actually paying each month. Make note of how much electricity you use each month as well. With this information you’ll be able to do a fair comparison with any other electricity company.


Rates are often available in two different types of plans including fixed and variable pricing. Fixed pricing is a safe choice because you know that your electric rate won’t go up for the duration of your contract. With variable pricing, the rates may go either up or down as prices change in the marketplace. Choosing variable pricing can be risky because the rates could go up further than you anticipated.


You’ll also need to look at how service fees impact your utility bill. Some providers may offer very low pricing but charge additional fees for services like meter fees, provisioning fees, and service fees. These additional charges can be added to your monthly bill, making it much higher. When shopping for the cheapest electricity provider, look at the fine print to make sure that you are aware of all the possible extras. For example, some providers charge large fees for paying your bill by telephone.


If you’re looking for the best pricing, make sure you decide on the length of contract is best for you. You may be offered lower prices for a longer term. Terms may run from 3 months to two years. If your contract is about to end, make sure you review pricing with other providers a few months ahead of time to find the best rates. Keep in mind that there is often an early termination fee charged if you decide to end your contract early.


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