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Avoid wastage of power and save electricity at your place

Paying huge electric bills with ever increasing TX Electric rates is the major concern of all Texans today. All the consumers are desperately looking for ways to cut down on their electric consumption that can help them lower their monthly bills. However, with increasing options and offers available in the market people can shop around by comparing all the Texas Electricity Companies and the TX Electric rates and packages offered by them distinctly and get the best deal for their home or office. They can also look for different energy options like renewable and solar etc.


There are many Texas Electricity Companies that are offering different forms of energy options like Eco friendly options and much more. All the consumers are given full power to choose the utility supplier based upon their requirement and choice. They can either shop based on the type of energy or go for cheap Texas prices and get the service of their choice. All the Texas Electricity Companies are portraying entire details regarding their offering on their business websites. One can shop around just sitting at home.


Apart from getting the cheap TX electric rates available in the market for themselves consumers can also take some prevention steps at their places to avoid extra usage and to lower their energy consumption to a greater extent. This will also help the Texans to cut down on their current bills and save dollars!

Here are some of the ways by which you can avoid wastage of power and save electricity at your place:

  • Turn off all the electronic appliances at home like lights, fans and television when they are not in use. This will help save much power.
  • Plug out all the chargers and other wires when not in use as unused plugged in chargers and the wires also consume power.
  • Replace your house lights with Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFL) as they are four times more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs and provide the same lighting.
  • During the day when it is brighter outside, open the curtains and use the sunlight instead of turning on the lights. It is also a healthier option.
  • Use slim tube lights in your house as they give better light and consume less power than the filament lamps.
  • Replace conventional regulators with electronic regulators for your ceiling fans.
  • Install exhaust fans at a higher elevation than ceiling fans. This will allow the heavy and unhealthy air to go out by keeping the warm air inside thus regulating the room temperatures.
  • Don’t leave windows or doors open when the air conditioner is in use as it will make the AC to work harder to cool a room.
  • Leave enough space between your refrigerator and the walls so that air can easily circulate around the refrigerator.
  • Cover liquids and wrap foods stored in the refrigerator as uncovered foods release moisture and make the compressor work harder.
  • Use energy efficient refrigerators as they consume less power. It is better to replace the old ones with the newer models as old appliances use more current.
  • Use Microwave ovens as they consume 50 % less energy than conventional electric / gas stoves.
  • When you have a sunny day, hang the Clothes outside instead of using the dryer.
  • Always wash clothes in washing machine with full loads.
  • The power consumption by your geyser can be considerably reduced if you reduce the temperature to around 55 degrees Celsius.
  • Turning off your geyser when not in use.


Most of us have no idea how much energy we consume every day, so it’s difficult to see how we could make savings. However by taking these preventive measures at home one can save up much power!


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Get Cheap Electricity for your home

Electricity being the basic necessity of every household with its wide span of applications  is the biggest investments for every individual in the United States of America. With a constant increase in electricity rates electricity cost is becoming the major area of concern for all the consumers and they are looking for all the possible ways to cut down on their electric expenses. Nevertheless people are not just looking for the Cheap Electricity options but also for reliable Houston Electricity Providers that can offer uninterrupted quality electric power.


However, post the deregulated energy market being integrated into the majority of cities around U.S.A there are a wide range of Houston Electricity Providers available in the market to choose from. All the consumers can shop around and get the best option available as per their home needs. These Houston Electricity Providers are not only offering the Cheap Electricity alone but they have come forward in offering flexible and customizable electric plans to the consumers based on the usage of the particular home.


Energy requirements of homes are very huge, from cooking to cleaning and for all other basic household work everything entirely relies on electricity today. Due to the advancements in the lifestyles of the people there must be an efficient power supply to meet all their needs every time. An uninterrupted power supply can leave the individuals in critical situation and halt to their work as well.


As the competition soaring between the Houston Electricity Providers every company is striving to lead the race. Not just they are offering the Cheap Electricity rates but also multiple other options for electricity to stand up among their peers in the Houston electric market and attract consumers to their service company. Nonetheless, getting the best electric provider in the Houston electric market is not a big concern now as all the Houston Electricity Providers are putting up their tariff rates and all the electric options they are offering onto their business websites for the consumers. They are also offering comparison websites for the consumers to check all the available options in the area and avail the best suitable option for them. One can shop based upon their priority like for the Cheap Electricity or even can go for quality of service as their major look on. Also, one can look for an electric provider that maintains a healthy balance between both the aspects.


Some of the traits to look into the electricity provider you are choosing are as follows:

  • Reliability
  • Quality service
  • Cheap and Reasonable Electricity Price
  • Flexible Paying Options
  • Customizable Electric Plans as per consumers’ needs
  • Multiple forms of energy options like solar, renewable and more.


Certainly, electricity shopping can be tiresome at times as there are many Houston Electricity Providers that are offering similar types of services and it becomes really confusing for the individuals to choose between the two analogous options. However in such situation comparison website comes as a rescue for the consumers as they compare the entire aspects form price, quality and variable packages offered and leave a sound result to choose from. Also, learning about the basics about electricity usage and calculation will help in making a sound choice. People must also understand that getting the Cheap Electricity price is not only the option to cut down on their electric consumptions however as they can avoid wastage of power by adopting energy saving habits at their homes. You will get all the energy saving options also on the business websites of the Houston Electricity Providers. Be smart choose smart!

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Encasing on Houston Consumer Choice

If you live in any of the deregulated cities in Texas such as Houston, you have the full power to choose from a wide range of electricity suppliers that are available in the market and are offering different electricity rates each for you. Post the deregulation the trend for Houston Consumer Choice has risen to a greater extent which is enabling the Texans to shop around for energy and get the best possible plan for them at the least possible rates.


If you look back in the past, prior to January 2002 Texas electricity customers were not given the Houston Consumer Choice to choose on their utility. The electricity was then completely controlled by just one company that both delivered and was the prime source of its production. But United States Electricity industry went under a drastic change by slowly and steadily started to get deregulated and opened up for competition by giving consumers the power to choose their electricity provider in the same way they choose telephone carriers or any other necessity of the household. Thus, adopting the deregulation it gave all the Houston energy consumers with the Power to Choose on their utility. Also, by switching to a smarter option of providing Houston Consumer Choice the competition soared heavily among the electric suppliers that forced them to offer the consumers with the best plans and cheap rates to lead among their peers in the competitive Houston energy market.


Now that the electricity industry is deregulated, and you have the power to choose you must study all the aspects of the Houston Consumer Choice thoroughly. Being fully informed will allow you to make a smarter choice and to get the best price quote for the utility service in Houston, Texas.


Some of the basics you need to learn before encasing your Power to Choose benefit of the Houston energy market and get the best deal available for you are:


  • Learning all the deregulation basics:

Learning all the ins and outs of energy deregulation in your area will enable you to understand the benefits of power to choose a retail electric provider among the sea of providers. You will also be able to understand why making a choice is better than relying on your single local energy provider in Houston.


  • Switching option:

With Houston Consumer Choice people are also provided with an option to switch from their old electric supplier if they find it costly or unreliable. They can anytime make a switch with their Power to Choose and get the provider of their choice. Discover and learn all the advantages of switching providers and find out how easy it is to get started with a new provider.


  • Smart meters:

Smart meters have recently been integrated in the Houston energy grid and they help the consumers to track down their energy usage. Learning about them can help the consumers to both control their consumptions and as well enable them to make a smart choice based upon their usage pattern and need thus saving the extra cost of energy.


The vibrant energy market of Houston with numerous retail energy suppliers and the increasing Houston Consumer Choice everyone can get the best deal available in the market at the lowest rates. Exploring and understanding all the options available and making an informed choice is the best way for all the Texans to cut down on their energy expenses. Multiple options for both the home and business are available now and are offered at the best prices with flexible paying options to cater all the energy needs of the Houston consumers.

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Save energy with CFL & Lighting Tips

Though making your home shine bright by installing and using outdoor lights, indoor lamps, and holiday strings is a good idea, the entire thing can often become quite expensive as a lot of electricity is consumed by these artificial lighting equipments. But if you thought that saving energy means sacrificing the use of such lighting choices, think again. With some day lighting plans and the right choice of lighting equipments, you can make your home bright and beautiful without sacrificing on the comfort and visibility quotient


Here are some simple tips to save electricity and decrease your lighting bills:


  • Use the power of the sun: Sunlight is the most energy- and cost-efficient lighting as it’s free. So, make sure that your windows facing north and south allow day lighting, which in turn could save you a lot of energy and money.


  • Install ENERGY STAR windows: Installation of such windows will help you to maintain a desired temperature indoors, by blocking as much as 70% of the solar heat in summer. During the winter season, such windows will reflect heat indoors, thus keeping your indoors warm and comfortable.


  • Use LED and CFL light bulbs: Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are considered to be efficient bulbs as they emit light only in one direction and save energy. Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) are also a good choice as they consume 25% to 30% lesser energy as compared to what incandescent light bulbs use.


  • Employ lighting controls: Setting up automatic devices like timers, dimmers, and motion-sensors can estimate your needs and adjust the lights accordingly, which makes them an excellent way to control your energy use when you are not at your home or present in a room.


  • Decrease background lighting: Rather than lighting large areas that don’t need to be illuminated, you can use floor lamps, table lamps, track lights etc to concentrate your lighting on specific areas, thus controlling your electricity consumption.


  • Use energy-efficient lights: You should replace energy-wasting lights with energy-efficient models. While the former usuallytrap light inside the fixtures, the latter push more light out into the room, thus improving both efficiency and illumination.


  • Ensure proper maintenance of your lighting fixtures: With age and the accumulation of dirt, dust and grime on the surface, your lamps and lighting fixtures may start performing at 50% or lower than their full capacity, while they continue to consume 100% of the energy. So, ensure proper maintenance of yourlamps and lighting fixtures to avoid paying steep electric bills.



With these tips, you can reduce your lighting bills considerably.



About Shop Texas Electricity- Shop Texas Electricity helps consumers and businesses compare and shop for their electricity plans in Texas. Learn more about Shop Texas Electricity by visiting us at

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Higher Energy Prices sought by PUC to Protect against Blackouts

Texas electricity consumers should prepare to pay higher energy prices from this summer if a new policy under consideration is passed.


What the PUC proposes

Plagued by frequent blackouts and energy shortages in the past, especially during the months of summer, Public Utility Commission (PUC) of Texas has hinted at considering price rises to address the growing concern over Texas’s energy reserves. This state agency, which is in charge of overseeing the electricity market of Texas, signaled in April this year that it may opt for new rules to address the power problem. However, the PUC stood by the expected price rise which the new rules may trigger, as the excess money is set to support additional generation construction. This, the PUC believes, will not only solve the existing power problem, but also help secure the framework needed to meet requirements in the future.


Here’s an overview of some of the proposals set to be considered by the PUC:

  • Price cap set to increase: By August, the price cap in the wholesale energy market may be increased to $4,500 per MW/hour, which will be far higher than the present cap of $3,000.
  • More price cap rise in future:  During the forthcoming years, the PUC would consider increasing the cap further, and it may ultimately exceed $10,000. If this happens, the Texas price cap would become more than similar caps existent elsewhere in the US. What’s more, it could bring the state in line with Australia, where an extremely high cap of $12,500 MW/hour exists.


Impact of these proposals

Though PUC can’t help but consider these proposals to address the state’s ongoing generation challenges, there’s already panic amongst household and businesses as Texas electricity price rise will hit both these sectors considerably. So, whether you are a commercial client or a household one, brace yourself to pay much more for meeting your Texas electricity needs.  



Some opponents of these proposals say that the changed rules will only help power generators, who will be making truckloads of money by milking the common man. Creating a panic wave amongst Texas electricity consumers is also criticized by some experts monitoring the Texas electricity scene.



Since Texas electricity rates will rise sooner or later, it pays to adhere to simple rules of power conservation and if possible, switch to solar power to meet some of your needs. However, the government should encourage such practices by offering tax rebates and discounts.


As far the PUC is concerned, it will have to take some decisions that won’t go down well with the public, but are in the interest of the state nonetheless. Still, it’s the responsibility of PUC to look for the most cost-effective solution that doesn’t create an unnecessary financial burden on its citizens. In fact, cost of Texas electricity and reliability/feasibility of the new rules in the long run should both be considered before giving the seal of approval to the proposals.


So, only time will tell how Texas electric consumers are affected, depending on what the PUC decides to do about the state’s power scenario.


About Shop Texas Electricity– Shop Texas Electricity helps consumers and businesses compare and shop for their electricity plans in Texas. Learn more about Shop Texas Electricity by visiting us at

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Using Smart Meters to track your electricity usage

Though smart meters have been getting a lot of media attention recently, only a handful of customers belonging to the deregulated regions of Texas actually use them. However, before going into the details of how these devices can help consumers of Texas electricity, let’s take a look at what they are all about.


What are Smart Meters

Transmission and distribution utilities of the state use these digital devices to calculate electric consumption. Also called digital meters or advanced meters, these devices are substituting the old analog boxes, which you can find attached to the outside of business offices and homes.


How to use Smart Meters

You should register a new account online at For this, you will need your smart meter number and the EISD number for your apartment or home. You will also need your Smart Meter ID, which you can find listed on the right side of your electricity meter attached to the outside your home. You can check your monthly bills or log into your account with your electricity provider to get the EISD number. It is this unique EISD number that your TDSP (Transmission and Distribution Service Provider) and Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) use to track your electricity consumption, which is then linked to your bill.

Once you have all the above mentioned information, you can log in with your username, and click the Usage link to see your home’s usage. Usually, the information listed is almost 2 days behind the actual date. For example, if you log in on a Wednesday, you can see your usage information from Monday.

To get an idea of your Texas electricity usage, you can select three types of graphs. The monthly usage graph displays the monthly electricity consumption of your household and goes back an entire year. For an overview of the month, you can see the graph showing daily totals, where a summary of usage for every day is shown side by side for the past month. Another graph, showing 15 minute segment breakdowns, can be used to ascertain the hours when your usage of electricity becomes much more or much less than the average consumption.


Advantages of Smart Meters

By making you aware of your electric consumption, the smart meters can help you to plan and budget for your utilities better.  Though you may try to lower your Texas electricity bills with conservation, you start looking at things differently when you have real data in front of your eyes. Starting from knowing whether you are using more electricity in the mornings or evenings, to taking steps for cutting down your bills by planning your laundry in the weekends, remembering to turn the fans and lights off when you are not in the room, or investing money to buy energy efficient drapes, you become more earnest in your endeavors and can make well-informed decisions.  


About Shop Texas Electricity– Shop Texas Electricity helps consumers and businesses compare and shop for their electricity plans in Texas. Learn more about Shop Texas Electricity by visiting us at


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What Will a Hot Summer Mean for Electricity Companies and Consumers in Texas?

2011 was a tumultuous year for Texas electricity companies and consumers as the state was brought to the brink of continuous blackouts during two extreme periods of hot and cold. A deep freeze experienced earlier in February last year put electricity generation equipments out of commission and knocked down several power plants. Come August, an extremely hot summer threatened more blackouts, prompting the grid operator to make repeated calls for energy conservation.

The reserved electricity capacity in the State could not cope with the growing demands for Texas electricity from commercial, residential and industrial consumers. The margin last year was only 17 percent, pushing electricity rates up with the threat of rolling blackouts that were averted as consumers exercised their power to select their energy options and heeded calls for conservation. This year, the immediate future of Texas electricity and how it will affect electricity companies and consumers will depend on what the weather brings, particularly another threat of a piping-hot summer.


Hot Summers and Texas Electricity

With an extremely hot summer, equipment and other power plant machineries from Texas electricity companies break down from the resulting drought hot temperatures bring. Drought means lack of water, and water is the main ingredient needed to cool down the gas, nuclear and coal-fired power plants that produce Texas electricity. According to Electric Reliability Council of Texas  (ERCOT), another hot summer could affect and put at risk at least 3,000 megawatts of generated electricity, which will definitely affect electricity rates and put the state in another round of rolling blackouts.



Conservation or Rolling Blackouts

According to ERCOT President Tripp Doggett during a recent State House hearing, the consumers in the State of Texas will have to make a choice between ramping up conservation efforts for Texas electricity or risk dealing with rolling blackouts if the State encounters another extremely hot and scorching summer as last year.

In 2011, ERCOT announced Texas electricity emergencies and called on the general public to exercise conservation to bring down consumption rates. Unlike other States, Texas has its own electric grid that is independent from other states, and this isolation will prove detrimental in seeking emergency capacities from neighboring grids – putting the state at a unique electricity risk.


Long Term Solutions

The ability of the Texas grid operator to keep electricity flowing smoothly across a rapidly growing state would depend on how adequate available power plants will be. However, according to ERCOT, there are no scheduled power plants of significantly large generating capacities that will come online this year. Some mileage may come from previously mothballed plants to restart operations, but aside from that no substantial capacities are expected to be added to the current margin.

Texas electricity regulators are encouraging the construction of additional power plants as long term solutions to address this capacity issue as peak demands continue to rise as the State continues to grow. Consumer groups fear that new power plants would mean higher electric rates. Environmentalists on the other hand are calling on more focused conservation measures to address the issue, pushing the Demand Response program wherein consumers will actually get paid by reducing consumption during peak hours – a program that has taken little mileage in Texas.

Another option Texas electricity commissions are looking into are making regulatory changes that would make it more convenient for wind energy generators to store large amounts of electricity in batteries. One example is the 36-megawatt battery capacity in Notrees, West Texas that is expecting completion during 2012.  This and other long term solutions are being pursued by State officials and key players in the Texas electricity industry. Until then, electricity companies and consumers would have to deal with the imminent threats the coming hot summer would bring.


About Shop Texas Electricity– Shop Texas Electricity helps consumers and businesses compare and shop for their electricity plans in Texas. Learn more about Shop Texas Electricity by visiting us at


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